Design | Prototype | Manufacture

Made In Texas, USA


We are a US manufacturer of top quality consumer electronics so that you are assured of ethical sourcing of your product.

Molding Technologies


We at EPIX Audio incorporate plastic, metal and silicone molding technologies into the creation of our products using US-sourced raw materials in modern state-of-the-art US production facilities.

Tool Making


Local tooling, often just down the road from our factory, reduces our cycle times and insures that we support the local domestic economy.

Cable Manufacture and Assembly


EPIX Audio cables are made domestically using US-sourced copper and extrusion resins.

Our cables are built, QC tested and prepared for the end product in at facility of one of our business partners here in the US.



Concept, prototype, test and manufacture.

Much of our work takes place under a microscope before it goes to production.

Manufacturing and Assembly

Our mechanical and electrical engineers create our production methodologies through extensive testin

Assembly processes are developed by our mechanical, electrical and manufacturability engineers.